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10 technology trends of 2021 that will shock the world.

10 technology trends of 2021 that will shock the world.

Technology trends 2021 will shock the world, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) publishes a list of ten technologies every year that could change our lives for the better. This time, in particular, it Targeted the unbreakable internet, anti-aging drugs, and little artificial intelligence.

10 new technology trends 2021                                                                                      Unbreakable internet (in five years)

Technology trends in 2021 will shock the world.
Photo: Evgeny Pavlenko, Kommersant
Already this year, a technology should emerge that would solve the problem of personal data protection forever. In any case, Dutch scientists from the University of Technology Delft hoped for it. Now a team of researchers has one such internet network. Working on the creation of work that will unify four cities in Holland and be built entirely on quantum computing technology. So far, they have managed to transfer information on such networks only 1.5 kilometers Happened. By the end of the year, they hope to establish a lasting relationship between Delft and The Hague and establish a fully developed network in the next five years.
Scientists are using technology that is based on the behavior of atomic particles, called quantum entanglement. Messages sent in this form cannot be encrypted or read by anyone. Any violation of the condition of at least one photon will immediately cause the destruction of the entire transitional signal.
Scientists in China had already made internet connections using this quantum technology, but their network used traditional parts, leading to the risk of hacker attacks.

Hyper personalized medicine (now)

Genetic engineering has reached the stage of development where scientists can detect violations in human DNA and develop a medical device that could help cure the disease in just one year. And we’re here to find out more about them. We can talk about diseases that are “fragile” and for which no one has yet been involved in the absence of ready-made medicines. Now, doctors have all the necessary technologies to make medicine for a specific person.
So far, there have been very few cases where such drugs have been manufactured. But over time, MIT believes the practice will become more common. The only obstacle to the spread of hyper-personalized medicine is its high price, and so is the drug. Will be made for one person, and entire laboratories will continue to work on its creation.

Digital money (this year)

Already this year, the world’s first official digital currency is set to launch. Many countries are fighting for the right to be first, while Mark Zuckerberg wants to create a digital currency for everyone. But due to many claims by regulators from different countries, Their project is still under open halt. But China’s central bank is ready to launch the digital version of the Renminbi. So far, the spread of the coronavirus has decreased due to a statement by several government agencies Work has been affected.
This week, Sweden’s central bank announced the launch of testing a national electronic currency. They once became the first person in the world to issue paper bank notes, but now they want to be the bearer of the digital age of money.

Anti-aging medicines (less than five years old)

A drug that lets you live until you invent it. But drugs that fight diseases caused by the body’s aging process are already being tested on humans and to come Could be on the market in years. It’s analytics – drugs that can identify old dead cells and remove them from the body. Usually, the human immune system intervenes in the process but with age they become Work deals with bad to worse, the accumulation of dead cells causes the inflammatory process, which causes the onset of cancer.
For example, people with Senolitics are being tested today by the American pharmaceutical company Unity Biotechnology. And Alkahest is trying to tackle aging in a different way – by introducing young blood cell components to older people. Thus, Experts expect the company to defeat or at least slow down Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, and dementia.

AI detecting molecules (after 3-5 years)

Scientists have learned to use artificial intelligence to look for molecules that could then become part of new drugs. Trained neural networks can now probe a large database of molecules around the world to track them down. Coins have useful properties for the treatment of certain diseases.
So in September, a team of researchers from Hong Kong Encelico Medicine and the University of Toronto discovered nearly 30 thousand new molecules with essential properties using artificial intelligence. And recently, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been using artificial intelligence. Huey becomes the first person in the world to discover a new antibiotic.

Satellite mega bridge (now)

Tens of thousands of communication satellites in Earth’s orbit and broadband internet anywhere in the world – if not us, in the near future. And Elon Musk and his company SpaceX will make the idea a reality, including space research ahead of the launch of the StarLink project KI plans to launch 4.5 times as many satellites in the entire history.
The first 60 Starlink satellites were launched last May. Now about 300 of them are in orbit – SpaceX tops the world, according to this indication. In total, the company Elona Musk has been allowed to put 12,000 such satellites into orbit. She’s gone and is looking to get permission to launch 30,000 more satellites. SpaceX President and Chief Operating Officer Gwynn Shotwell have promised that the satellite network will be launched mid-year.

Quantum Excellence (5-10 years or more)

In September 2019, Google announced the creation of a quantum computer capable of unleashing the most powerful capabilities on a modern computer running on a silicone processor. The company said its processor calculates in 3 minutes and 20 seconds Has the potential that will take almost 10,000 years to reach the world’s most powerful computer – Summit by American company IBM. Thus, the company managed to achieve a “quantum advantage”.
At IBM, doubting the authenticity of the numbers presented by competitors, he said Google probably managed to increase the speed of calculations a thousand times, but not 1.5 billion times. However, Google’s achievement has become a historic moment.
Now, Manufacturers of quantum computers need to create devices that won’t solve a conditional mathematical problem but actually perform useful work. And that’s problematic – because the more cubits a computer has, the more to keep them in proper condition. Difficult. Google experts believe the technology they use will allow them to build computers for both 100 and 1000 cubits. In theory, such a computer would already be able to do some useful work for the average user. True, no one knows yet

A little artificial intelligence (now)

Traditionally, artificial intelligence creation and training have to do with large amounts of data and constant connections to cloud servers. But technology companies and scientists have learned how to make specialized microchips for AI that are compact sized Together great computing can connect the power.
In addition, the AI itself no longer needs continuous contact with remote servers. Google and Apple’s virtual assistants no longer require a network connection. This means that their response to voice commands has become faster (since The middle stage of connecting to the remote server and receiving a response from it has disappeared) and the user data does not leave his device, increasing the level of security of personal handling. Data

Secrecy of Secrecy (water)

The term “difference privacy” was introduced in 2006 by Cynthia Dorke, an American expert in the field of personal data privacy. It means a set of mathematical methods that you use to make a product of information partially exposed data. Allows the degree of privacy damage to be determined.
For example, the U.S. Census Bureau collects information about 330 million people in the country, and then sends that data to representatives and authorities of the scientific community for analysis. However, they cannot be transmitted in their purest form, because they will lead to the disclosure of all citizens’ personal data. Therefore, the database adds “white noise” – some portion of the information is mixed among citizens so that their names are impossible to be disclosed.
Further, the consequences of such fraud The accuracy of statistical patterns should not be underestimated by groups. Discrimination of privacy is just a mathematical model that allows you to know to what extent you can combine data to make the samples useful and true. Such models already Facebook, and Apple use and will be used by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2021. Now other countries are eyeing this technology.

Climate change attribute (now)

At the beginning of this decade, scientists couldn’t correctly answer the question of whether these or other natural disasters are the results of climate change. But in recent years, the power of computers has developed artificial planets to closely monitor natural phenomena With potential, scientists have more opportunities for a clear answer to this question. For example, the World Weather Attribution project launched two computer simulations around the world: one case had global warming, the other — no. In conclusion, scientists found That the tropical storm Emelda that hit Houston last year was a direct result of global climate change.
Determining the role of climate change from other factors influencing the weather will help to assess what natural disasters, where, and what strength humanity can expect. This means that people prepare for future shocks. Will be able to and will avoid many victims.

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