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Strategy 2021. Technology trends for the new year

Strategy 2021. Technology trends for the new year


As technology trends for the new year begin a new decade, partner company leaders take a closer look at what awaits them in the next 10 years. Amid political upheavals and the threat of trade wars, the tech market is booming, on the climate, crisis Concern is on the rise, and it could all change our perspective regarding supply chains.
In the upcoming year 2021, a common element in the channel’s specific technology trends is cooperation – from workforce diversity and access to all staff to revising the international channel strategy and integrating innovation in the non-waste economy.

Double expansion in the international arena
What is our position at the EU and the national level?

Large Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are happening in all directions today. As we can see, the market is undergoing a strengthening process, consumers are expanding their horizons, and they want to become global international companies. For example, IBM of Red Hat The agreement resulted in the completion of its biggest ever software purchase, and SAP has made two several million dollar acquisitions. According to 451 Research Knowledge Base, the number of mergers and acquisitions into new technologies has been nearly nine times the number since 2014 Increased. Although the acquisition cost fell from $584 billion in 2018 to $392 billion in 2019, it’s still exceptionally high.

According to a survey of merger and acquisition leaders in the technology market (‘The Tech M&A Leaders’), 40% of respondents expect the number of mergers and acquisitions over the next 12 months, and 32% – That activity in this segment will remain the same, with 28% expecting it to fall. Nevertheless, factors were noted that led to potential economic recession (61%) and violations of tariff agreements or trade disputes (57%) were noted. Banay. No matter what happens, this trend needs to be counted, it can change the channel scenario and prospects for both customers and partners.

But there are risks everywhere. For a successful acquisition or merger, timing is everything, the union of two corporate cultures cannot be underestimated, and to retain key employees, maintaining strong relationships across the business is essential. Nevertheless, growing The strength of the Hui market and an expanded service portfolio are often at risk.

Expanding the brand culture
Is brand culture capable of retaining the best cadres?

Attracting the right people is competitive, especially since potential brain drain has become the topic of news shows in Europe and the US. Brand culture is the foundation of a business that maintains and attracts the talent pool across the channel. Strive to. In its report on global market trends in 2021, Deloitte stressed that talented people are the business’s greatest asset and today there are more and more such people found inside and outside the company. Yep. This is especially true about the importance of gaining experience in the workplace, giving importance to staff education and personal development.

A study by the Dell Future Workforce has found that a fifth of UK workers are willing to leave due to poor technology in the workplace, while 38 percent say they do their best outside of the office. The figures Numbers highlight the importance of smart technologies and flexible working methods for innovative employees.
According to UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School’s recommendations on “Ensuring Increase Profitability by Attracting Employee Engagement,” organizations with better staff experience generated 12% more customers than their peers. gain satisfaction, and their revenue growth rate is 2.3 times higher over three years. Those who don’t notice this trend in the channel or elsewhere in their business are likely to stand aside.

The pc is alive and well!
Is the work environment created for every type of user?

Financial indicators are proof: This year was the strongest year of dealer sales in the technology world – the company took the first position in the market in terms of revenue and profit. It is important to note that the channel has untapped business opportunities PCs are actually out of supply. After all, a PC is only part of the cycle of life, and to take advantage of all business opportunities, partners must help customers throughout their lifetime – from ordering and installing. From PC servicing, decommissioning, and processing.

The good news is that according to IDC, as of the end of the third fiscal quarter of 2019, global deliveries of traditional PCs – desktops, laptops, and workstations reached 70.4 million units. The market is continuously growing in the second quarter. Trade demand is expected Will grow at the same pace in 2021, as users will continue to switch to Windows 10, and support for Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2021. For channel partners, support and customer engagement opportunities span the entire lifecycle of these PCs. I’ve been confirmed, including early purchase.

This is what we expect to see very soon thanks to strong 2021 stimulating factors.

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