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The Hot New Cars of 2023-2024

The Hot New Cars of 2023-2024

The most exciting new cars coming out in the next two years.

  • These are the cars we’re most excited to see coming out in the next couple of years.
  • As automakers move away from internal combustion engines, most of the best new cars are EVs.
  • Everything from a new midsize pickup to the ultra-luxury coupe counts.

2022 was certainly a year of change for the automotive industry. Used car prices finally peaked before they started to ease, and dealer markups on new vehicles are now exceptional except for the rare and most in-demand vehicles. Heck, here Even the cool kid was offering thousands on a Tesla hood as demand began to decline.
But perhaps car enthusiasts were just waiting for a new crop of hot cars to emerge. From an electric American icon to a British two-sets with fewer wheels than you’d expect, interesting cars to have your attention (and wallet) in the next year. There’s no shortage of. Here are Edmonds’s most anticipated cars for 2023-2024.

Cadillac Celestia

Cadillac’s first electric car — Lyriq — is just starting to hit dealer showrooms, but we’re already eyeing Caddy’s next EV. And it’s a showstopper.
Cadillac Celestiq is an extremely sleek sedan that Caddy hopes will revive the reputation of the “Standard of the World” that has left GM’s luxury arm for some time. Celestiq’s world-class interior completes four passengers. Snuggles comfortably, including stunning features including a full glass roof with custom dimming at every corner, a digital display spread across the dashboard, and the next phase of GM’s autonomous driving tech called the Ultra Cruise. Joe City Will bring hands-free driving to the streets of Kyoto. A two-motor setup with about 600 horsepower and about 300-mile range will be standard, but most other details will be customized as the potential owner builds a suitable, one-of-a-kind EV for the Cadillac Works with the door.

If it all seems expensive, here’s why. Celestiq is expected to cost $300,000 north of, making it easily the most expensive Caddy in automaker’s history.

Chevrolet Corvette E-ray

The best American sports car is adding electricity to its power train secret sauce. The 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray will not only add a hybrid component to increase production but also all-wheel drive to help reduce electricity Expect a feature too. We don’t have a full e-ray pic at this time, but the sometimes-silent sportscar will be officially unveiled on January 17.

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT

After decades-old car varieties, Dodge is finally — finally — updating the lineup with something new and exciting. The Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept previews Dodge’s first electric vehicle, Coming sometime in 2024. And lest the Brotherhood of Muscles disapproves of the idea of some kind of Heiney EV, the SRT concept is an artificial sound amplifier capable of producing 126-decibel “exhaust noises”, or Almost like the SRT Hellcat.

Ford Mustang

While Ford – and indeed, the rest of the automotive world – is slowly turning into EVs, the Blue Owl is still seeing plenty of life in the good, old-fashioned interiors. The 2024 Ford Mustang marks the debut of a seventh-generation pony car. Will, and although deeply tied to the current model, several updates inside and out could prove to be game-changing. For the first year of this generation, the Mustang will be powered by either a turbocharged four-cylinder or the naturally aspiring V8. Keep running, both with more power than 2023 engines.

New tech and features are making the 2024 Mustang more livable every day, while new Dark Horse models strengthen the Coupe’s track credentials. New to the dealer lot this summer. Look out for the Mustang, with a more powerful version in the coming years.

Ford Ranger

The current Ford Ranger had already been sold in other markets years before it hit our shores in 2019 – meaning that even though Ford’s mid-sized pickup was new to us, it was already old enough. Thanks, Ford Ford unveiled a new global Ranger in late 2021, and overseas sales began last year. All signs point to that Ford will be bringing the new Ranger to the United States for the 2024 model year. We think it can’t come soon enough, because today The 2024 Ranger isn’t too impressive.

The 2024 Ranger is expected to be more challenging, with boxer design, a tech-focused interior, and pull-and-carrying capabilities. We’ll also be surprised if the Ford Ranger rides the Raptor and its turbo-charged V6. Don’t bring it along.

Honda Civic Type R

When Honda introduced the 11th-generation Civic for the 2022 model year, one version was interestingly missing from the lineup: the high-performance Type R suggests Honda was wrapping up its most iconic Civic for a while. Honda Civic Type R is returning for 2023 with a new, more rugged shape that will draw fewer disapproval taunts than before. Under the hood, however, the 2023 Type R owes a lot to its predecessor. The return of the turbo-charged four-cylinder — With minor benefits of 9 horsepower and 15 lb-ft torque for a total of 315 hp and 310 lb-ft — like a standard limited-slip differential and trick-front suspension. Think of it as an upgrade rather than a revolution.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

We think Hyundai Ioniq 5 is one of the best electric cars on the market, so when we heard Hyundai was producing an even hotter version, we were piqued. Hyundai has not officially unveiled the Ioniq 5N Okay, but we’ve seen testing prototypes hidden on racetracks and public roads. So there are no design, equipment, or power train specs yet. But corporate cousin Kia makes a 576 horsepower version of its Ioniq 5, equivalent to the EV6. We Just gonna leave it at that.

The Mayors Manics 2.0

Bruce F. Myers started replacing Volkswagen Beatles in the mid-1960s, and the fruits of his labor, known as Myers Manics, started Tilly’s buggy obsession. He eventually turned his company into an investment firm Sold, resurrecting the nameplate to build an EV tail buggy called Myers Manx 2.0. Citing perhaps its two seats and zero doors, this electric runabout isn’t for everyone. But claims 300 miles With a range and 0-60 mph speed of about 4.5 seconds, the Mayors Manx 2.0 packs plenty of practicality and performance to take you from beach party to beach party fast along the Southern California coast.

Morgan Super 3

The UK-based Morgan Motor Company has been making vehicles for more than a hundred years but had limited success in the US until the Morgan 3-wheeler debuted in 2012 when the Americans gave the boutique maker big notice. Morgan Super 3 is the latest version of the vehicle, with two front wheels and one wheel in the rear. The 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine acquired from Power Ford makes a meager 117 horsepower. But looking at the Morgan Super 3’s featherweight build, The tiny roadster can run at 60 mph in about 7 seconds.

Rolls Rice Spector

Rolls-Royce will bring EVs into the ultra-luxury space upon releasing the Spectre later this year. The Rolls-Rojce Specter is a big coupe, whose profile is not unlike the Rolls-Roice Wraith. However, underneath it, the Spectre is brand new, starting with an all-aluminum architecture that adds battery to the vehicle’s structure. Both provide a stiff, solid spine that can feel this Rolls Rice… We dare to say… Sporty? Power comes from dual motors that generate 577 horsepower combined, and range estimated around the 300-mile mark. But the stunning interior is certainly something special. Rolls’ show-stopping starlight headliner now extends to doors, Dash The board now has a backlit section and Rolls is taking the commission sheet to new heights according to the buyer. We’ll have to buy a new driving suit.

Tesla cyber truck

Will the Tesla cyber truck launch this year? Nope, what the hell. What do you think about 2024? It’s anyone’s guess as to when Elon & Company will finally land the angular truck whose delivery was set to begin in 2021. Until then, Silicon Valley tech Bros, who had a small share in Cyberpink 2077, will have to wait a little longer. For the kingdom of God to release the repeatedly promised electric pickup.

Volkswagen ID – Buzz

Volkswagen is teasing its microbus restoration forever, and buyers will have to continue to show patience in the search for a truly electric minivan. Volkswagen ID. Buzz isn’t until summer next year — just in time to snag some surfboards Throwing them on the luggage rack for the Neon Yellow Cruiser. However, the base model’s 201 horsepower single-motor drive train means you’ll have patience even when speeding on the road. Our tune after sampling the US Spec model. Could change, but we expect buyers to wait longer for the stronger 300-Hp version coming later down the line.

Edmonds says so

Our 2023-2024 list of most anticipated cars is full of interesting electrified vehicles like the Rolls Rice Spector and the Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray. But vehicles like the new Ford Mustang and Honda Civic Type R prove there’s still life in the interior.

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