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Top 10 Most Popular UK Degrees for International Students

Top 10 Most Popular UK Degrees for International Students

Universities in all parts of the UK have a global reputation for high-quality teaching and research, as evidenced by global rankings such as QS World University Rankings and World Rankings. This high standard is made by recruiting the best staff, building better campuses and the best facilities Ensuring the availability of
Another reason for the UK’s appeal is its wide range of courses and subjects for students. The SI-UK Course Search allows you to find over 65,000 UK university courses, and below are the ten most popular ones for international students.
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The most popular courses in the UK for overseas students

1. Business Studies

The Business and Management degree focuses on the planning, running, and operations of an organization. Students will look at every aspect of the business, including finance, marketing, human resources, and administration, and many business and administration programs in appointments with globally recognized companies Offers, so you can experience for yourself what the profession involves.

  • Profile of the business topic
  • (Average) International Fees: £21,950 per annum

2. Accounting and finance

Accounting and finance courses in the UK will help you develop unique perspectives and knowledge on economics, mathematics, politics, psychology, and sociology. Students will learn how to prepare and interpret financial information, as well as the ideological and practical understanding of basic financial practice To be achieved.

  • Accounting and finance topic profile
  • International fees: £15,000 per year

3. Undergraduate law

Nearly all UK law courses allow students the option of taking a year of professional space at a firm while studying abroad is also available. Students can also choose to combine law with other subjects such as business, politics, or journalism.

  • Profile on the subject of law
  • International Fees: £17,750 per year

4. Economics

Economics students will develop their problem-solving, data analysis, computing, and written and verbal presentation skills, all skills that are greatly respected and sought after in today’s economic environment.

  • Profile of the article in economics
  • International fees: £23,000 per year

5. Art & design

Studio-based work is central to all art courses and may include painting, sculpture, installation, painting, photography, and digital media, with students specializing in their fields of interest.

  • Art & Design Theme Profile
  • International Fees: £18,000 per year

6. Computer science

A computer science degree at a UK university will provide you with the fundamental skills needed to build businesses and organizations. New tools, programs, and development kits expand your knowledge and talent in fields such as IT, games development, software engineering, design, and security I’ll be helping out.

  • Computer science essay profile
  • International fees: £26,000 per year

7. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a department of engineering that applies principles of physics and material science to the analysis, design, manufacture, and maintenance of mechanical systems.

  • Mechanical engineering essay profile
  • International fees: £25,000 per annum

8. Politics

A politics degree at a UK university will provide students with an understanding of the key dynamics of different political systems around the world, how governments deal with crises, debt, human rights, and the nature of society.

  • The subject of political profile
  • International Fees: £21,950 per annum

9. Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering… Engineering is a department generally dealing with the study and use of electricity, electronics, and electric magnetism. It covers a range of subtitles including power, electronics, control systems, signal processing, and telecommunication.

  • Electrical engineering essay profile
  • International fees: £26,000 per year

10. Biological sciences

Biological sciences are the study of life and animals, their life cycles, adaptation, and the environment. Modules include the study of protein structure and a wide range of techniques used in the study of protein complexes and their importance in cells.

  • International fees: £23,650 per annum

How long does it take to complete UK degrees?

Undergraduate degrees in UK universities last for three years at the Bachelor level (BA, BEng, BSc), while foundation programs can run for two years, with the option of joining a bachelor’s program in the third year to complete a degree. Postgraduate courses mostly matter what I have been taught in the last year.

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